Our Story


Simplifying the Camaraderie Between
Coffee Drinkers

Our goal at EnjoyYourCoffee.net is to connect coffee drinkers around the world through an online platform. We allow you to upload your visual memories on our platform.

Our Founder’s Journey

Santa Monica entrepreneur Spyros Dellaportas is our founder. As someone who started each morning with a group of coffee lovers who meet at Peet’s coffee shop on Montana Avenue in sunny Southern California, it occurred to him that the daily in-person coffee camaraderie that the groups shared in Santa Monica could be facilitated globally via the internet.

He then formed a group on Facebook called Enjoy Your Coffee and began posting coffee-related photos, jokes, and trivia.


Conception of “Coffee Shop Without Walls”

Within a few short months, over 4,000 group members from six continents posted and liked coffee-related photos and opinions, seemingly expressed in as many languages as Facebook supports. That was when Spyros recognized the power of the [coffee] bean that bonds, inspiring him to create his “coffee shop without walls.”


Our Vision

Spyros envisions further growth of the online community through coffee-related news feeds from a wide selection of media outlets, links to articles, and posting photos and videos. He believes the site will be “one of the largest 24/7 coffee destinations on the internet.”


Why Choose Us

When you use our platform, you will be able to establish virtual connections with other coffee lovers around the world. We facilitate establishing friendships, networking, and having fun while you discover how other bean lovers live, work, and unwind.